In the last few years the purpose of this website appears to have changed. I think this website is mostly used to get some insight into the FRCPath Microbiology examination. I would be very happy if it has helped you even a little towards the FRCPath.

I would request the users to help build this website to help  fellow microbiologists who are trying to prepare for FRCPath. Please share your experience with others. How did you prepare? What resources did you use? Did you use any course? Did you find any book really helpful? 

However, please refrain from posting the exam questions here as RCPath does not allow that. If you have made the similar question yourself, please include those.

If you want to post anything on this website relevant to the purpose of this website – email me: [email protected]

Please include your name and designation, if you want me to put it on the website. If you don’t want your name published, let me know as well.

This website has an album to share some pictures that I have acquired during my training in Microbiology. It has pictures of microbes, tests, and laboratory instruments. I have also included pictures taken from other websites (Open source/CC or with permission). If you are going to use any of these pictures, please consider taking permission yourself. If you need to use any of the pictures taken by me for non-commercial purpose – let me know.

This website is here to help students of Microbiology especially with FRCPath Microbiology. There  Please don’t use this information for clinical use as they are not intended/written for that purpose. Management of a disease involves analysis of complicated interaction between host, pathogen and environment. It is necessary to have specialist knowledge and training to understand and manage those complex issues. Information in this website may be up to date when written, but it may not be possible to keep it up to date as new information emerges every day. Please consult your doctor if you are seeking medical advice.

RCPath has started an International Trainee support Scheme – which is a wonderful initiative and I am sure many microbiologists will be benefited from it. Please check it here –



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    1. Hi Abdel, The part 1 consists of 125 multiple-choice questions (MCQ) and extended matching format questions (EMQ).
      The curriculum is the training curriculum – See May 2010 version here.

      There are few textbooks that you can read. We, in Northern deanery tend to read Medical Microbiology by David Greenwood and Oxford handbook. Day to day practice, discussion with the consultants does help a lot and every individual trainee reads few other books/resources as per their choice.

  1. Can someone please guide me about FRCPath in Microbiology and Virology. Whether PLAB is also required for doing FRCPath or not…I have done MBBS and MD Microbiology from India.
    Please guide…Thanks !

  2. hi i want to know few question —1.i am IMG graduate..do i give examination with out any experience in microbiology in part1.2..after part 1 for part2 what is the criteria or work experience for part 2 or final exam.3.how many subjects FRCR EXAMS are taken.like–pathology,microbiology,chemical biology or biochemistry.sorry to say i am really novice seniors please give me some advice.Thanks in advance

    1. Dear Joydeep,

      I am not entirely sure if you will be able to appear for FRCPath microbiology without any experience in Microbiology. Probably you need to approach the college and only they can explain or allow you to appear in the exam.
      Part 2 has a practical section and I would think you need to be in a training program to prepare for this exam. In the UK we take this exam usually in our 4th year of training. I have seen students from other countries to appear in this examination, but all of them were in an approved training programme in their country; in India, it will be an MD.
      For your 3rd question – please see this page – these are the subjects-

      For RCPath guidance on the exam –

  3. I have done MBBS and MD Microbiology from India.Can someone please guide me about FRCPath in Medical Microbiology

    1. Hello,
      I would be happy to publish it here in your name. I shall check if I can set you as a contributor/author. I shall email you my contact details.

  4. hi,
    I have also done a MD Microbiology from India… anybody out here interested in preparing for part 1? please let me know…

  5. Can I give FRCP Path(Microbiology) part 1 exam from India and what will be the fees.
    I have done my MBBS and MD in Medical Microbiology from INDIA.

  6. Thanks SB. U doing a tremendous job. Please guide me about the books i need to go through before writing my Part 1.
    And if there is anyone who is intending to write the exam this september.

  7. Hey.
    Really appreciate what you’re doing here, your blog is really helpful.

    Could you pls guide me as to where and how I can find out more about the preparatory course for FRCPath part 2. I’m asking as favour for someone who’s done MD microbiology from India and cleared part 1 FRCPath, she’s looking to take a course for part two here. Anywhere around Manchester would be great.

      1. 1) The Blackpool course is not running now. It has been stopped. I received confirmation from the secretary.

        2) This scheme is only for Histopathology. It has not opened up for Microbiology as yet. I sent them an email about the same but they haven’t replied.

        1. Thanks for the update.
          It is unfortunate that the course is not available anymore. It was really helpful. I am not aware of any other course for part 2 in UK. Each region may provide some help for their trainees but that is difficult for other trainees to access.
          I hope that RCPath open the scheme for microbiology as well.

  8. Dear SB,

    I am a Medical Microbiologist from India. I have cleared Part-1 in 2014 & intending to sit the Part-2 in Spring/Autumn 2018. My query is specifically regarding Paper-1 in Part-2 exams. This paper has a question on a managerial/administerial/infection control issue. How do I prepare for these questions? Are there any resources/links?

    1. Dear SHV,
      I have just qualified my medical microbiology exams from India this July. I’m looking to clear the Part 1 FRCPath (micro) exams in Spring 2018. Can you please suggest some resources (online &/ books) that assisted you. Many thanks!

  9. Hello there ..how did you guys find the questions yesterday in part 1 ..for me it was again some confusion..m not sure for many answers ..want to seriously pass the exam ..any suggestions

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